Welcome to the Unexpected

Robern believes that people’s everyday routines should never feel ordinary.

That’s why its mission is to craft lighted mirrors, vanities, medicine cabinets and lighting options that are beyond the expected—blending thoughtful design, innovative technology, impeccable craftsmanship and quality materials into products that will transform people’s styling spaces and reflect their individual style.

At Robern, true luxury is about both style and function. Robern products feature audio capability, night lights, integrated lighting, concealed electrical outlets, wire management, lock boxes and mirror defoggers to make life more comfortable.

Every beautiful styling space begins with a conversation. Collaboration between homeowners, specifiers and designers in the early stages ensures that the final product is easy to use and luxurious. That’s why Robern offers portfolios for both residential homes and commercial specifiers.

All Robern products are designed and manufactured in its Bristol, Pennsylvania facility, underscoring its commitment to craftsmanship and fine materials.

Founded in 1968 in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Robern grew out of Rosa and Bernie Meyers' belief that individual style should be celebrated and fostered. Today, their pioneering approach to designing highly personalized styling spaces remains at the heart of what Robern does.

In 1995, Robern joined the Kohler Co. family of businesses, building upon the brand’s comprehensive and thoughtful approach to exceptional styling spaces. From its humble beginnings to a technological force within home design, Robern remains the answer for designers, architects and consumers seeking out the finest in modern, sophisticated cabinetry, vanities, mirrors and lighting.

Why Robern