Use Robern's sleek design and state-of-the-art technology to create a unique solution for your customer. Dimmable task lighting, hidden speakers, TV and USB connectivity, night lighting, automatic defogging — our innovative features will transform the everyday routine for your customers.

Smart Lighting

With a single touch, convenient on-mirror dimming controls create the perfect level of ambiance.

Smart Audio

Bluetooth® connectivity and integrated speakers provide a richer, fuller audio experience.

Automation & Smart Control Options

  • Occupancy sensing and daylighting
  • Voice activation
  • Motion sensing
  • Timeclock events
  • Mobile device control

Expert Integration

Seamless integration with BMS, home and hotel automation systems.

Tuning by Robern

Adjustable color temperature reflects the right lighting for any task or occasion.

Defogger by Robern

Fog-free mirrors ensure a clear view, even in high humidity.


Stay connected and updated with an integrated TV display and cable hookup.

Night Light

The soft, continuous glow illuminates the way without overwhelming the senses.

USB Charging

Convenient USB ports recharge personal devices, leaving outlets free for styling tools.