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The renovation process can be daunting. That's why we are inviting you to sign up to be notified when Robern Designer is available to the public in May. What floor plan will make the most of your space? Which vanity will fit perfectly where you need it? Will you have enough storage space for your essentials? Whether you are having trouble visualizing the final results, or you just need a little extra inspiration, Robern Designer provides a visual, hands-on tool to help design your space. Sign up today!

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  • Inspiration

    With our guided approach, Robern Designer allows you to select the best products for your space. Spark your creativity and see your vision in 3D, knowing whichever pieces you select will be the perfect fit.
  • Selection

    With just a few clicks, mix and match products, colors, materials and add night lights to find the pieces that reflect your personal style. From the initial floor plan to the finishing touches, we'll help you create a customized, functional styling space.
  • Order

    Once you've finalized your design, Robern Designer will help you move seamlessly to the next step. Save and share your design, create a bill of materials, get linked to spec sheets and installation guides, and connect with a showroom that can fulfill your order.