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Streamline the selection and design of your bathroom styling space with our free design tool, available for desktop. Simply enter the dimensions, select your products, mix and match finishes, and see the finished design in your layout.

Using the intuitive interface, you'll be able to view your configuration from every angle to truly visualize it in your space. Try the tool new and see how Robern Designer can simplify the design and ordering process for you.

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System Requirements:

  • Browsers supporting Robern Designer: Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Robern Designer works best: 64 bit computer (larger memory capacity)
  • 2-Button mouse with a scroll wheel recommended

Known Bugs:

We are making regular improvements to this tool. Please work with a certified professional or reference your 2018 price book to verify accuracy of your Bill of Materials.

  • Issue with 60” Profiles vanity showing full drawers rather than tip out and plumbing
  • Issues with ganging kits showing up incorrectly. Missing ganging kits for 2 M Series cabinets combined
  • No photo displaying when downloading Bill of Material (BOM), Requesting a Quote or Email
  • Side kit issues where the wrong sizes are featured
  • Vanities are still showing a mirror front when original placement with a different color side kit (silver screen)
  • Profiles Mirrors do not gang together (leaves a space in between the mirrors) and missing ganging kit
  • Profiles lighting is not snapping into place like InLine lights
  • Multiselect feature not working in the Compact space
  • Day to night feature – room lights not dimming giving the evening night light affect
  • Issues with misalignment of vanity drawers visually
  • Default to sink option and not dry top options when changes are made
  • Medicine cabinets filtering options is missing under Electric Package, non-electric and electric. This should be in addition to Electric, Night Light and Defogger.
  • Main Line Cabinets is missing left hinge and right hinge option (only reversible with non-electric)

Robern Designer Training Options

  • Webinar training allows you to concentrate in a dedicated e-learning environment, without having to leave the office.
    Webinar Training
  • In-person training gets you away from your desk, from your phone and allows you to concentrate in a dedicated learning environment.
    In-Person Training
  • Begin with our self-paced training and start designing right away. Review all videos or select topics where additional guidance is needed.