Vitality Lighted Cabinets
24" Wide

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  • Model Number: YC2430D4P1L3
  • List Price:* $1,249

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Vitality Lighted Cabinets

Vitality Lighted Cabinets

Timeless design, personalized storage options, and high-quality integrated lighting adds stylish functionality to any space.

List Price starting at $1,249

  • LED integrated lighting at 3000K (warm), which replicates indoor lighting with warm, relaxing tones
  • Select the brightness for any task with dimmable lighting down to 1%
  • Power were you need it most with an in-cabinet outlet for items such as razors and toothbrushes
  • Optional magnifying mirror lets you focus on the details
  • Personalize your storage with add-on accessories including glass bins, a safety lock box and tiered trays

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