Webinar Training

Webinar training allows you to concentrate in a dedicated e-learning environment, without having to leave the office.

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July Tues, July 17 @ 11am EST Wed, July 18 @ 3pm EST
August Wed, Aug 15 @ 11am EST Thurs, Aug 16 @ 3pm EST
September Tues, Sept 18 @ 11am EST Wed, Sept 19 @ 3pm EST
October Wed, Oct 17 @ 11am EST Thurs, Oct 18 @ 3pm EST
November Wed, Nov 14 @ 11am EST Thurs, Nov 15 @ 3pm EST
December Wed, Dec 12 @ 11am EST Thurs, Dec 13 @ 3pm EST

Learn how to efficiently design in Robern Designer. We will focus on designing a styling space, placing cabinets and vanities and present your design through 3D capture, bill of materials and technical documentation.

In-Person Training

In-person training gets you away from your desk, from your phone and allows you to concentrate in a dedicated learning environment. We provide the computers and a trainer.

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Begin with our self-paced training and start designing right away. Each video is less than 5 minutes long, and you can review them all or select topics where additional guidance is needed.

  • Pick a Room to Begin
    • :26 - This tutorial will teach you how to select a room style to start your design.
  • Understanding the Navigation
    • :32 - This tutorial will guide you through the menu system and provide an overview of essential tool features.
  • Adding Products to a Room
    • 2:08 - This tutorial will teach you the basics of adding products to the scene. Later videos will help you edit existing products.
  • Edit a Cartesian or Profiles Vanity
    • 2:38 – This tutorial will teach how to edit components of a Cartesian or Profiles Vanity, including colors, components and drawer layouts.
  • Edit a Balletto Vanity
    • 1:27 – This tutorial will teach how to add an edit a Balletto Vanity.
  • Creating an Account
    • :35 – This tutorial will teach how to create an account for the Robern Designer tool that allows you to save and load projects for later use.
  • Save and Load Your Design
    • :39 – This tutorial will teach you how to save new projects and load projects previously saved.
  • Produce a Bill of Materials
    • :34 – This tutorial will provide you all the models in the room scene with links to installation and spec sheets, as well as actionable next steps.